Maximize Customer Support And Make Commercial Cleaning Leads Out Of Complaints!

A few weeks ago, Forbes published an online story detailing the experience of entrepreneur Ranjith Kumaran during a night when he invited all the employees of his startup company to do customer support. One of the values of his story is not just about how startups “force you to wear many hats” but also why it’s really good to maximize your customer support. It’s an excellent source of customer feed-back and insights from it can shape up the organization (including the process that generates your commercial cleaning leads):

What’s more the feedback that was heard during the exercise was taken to heart and brought up during product, marketing, and sales discussions. The ability to apply market learnings to company building is perhaps the only thing that matters for the organization and for the individual.”

Getting customer feedback helps in marketing because it’s a direct way of knowing how your market thinks. And by market, this includes potential commercial cleaning leads as well as your current B2B customers. Once you know what they think, you’ll not only know how to develop your business but also how you’re going to market those developments. Maximizing customer support can expand the way you gain more insight by getting more feedback. Aside from just asking everyone to join in for customer support (like what Kumaran did), you can also gain even further additional support by outsourcing a call center. (This is a really cost-efficient strategy if your total in-house personnel still can’t keep up with a growing number of customers).

However, one of the things that people dread most in customer support is hearing complaints. By now, you should’ve probably accepted the reality that complaints are inevitable in business (as well as in life). Take note though that complaints actually have a value in themselves. If you haven’t realized it, they’re still a form of customer feed-back. It may be negative feed-back but it’s still feed-back and it will tell you what the market thinks and how you can act in response.

Luckily for you, has just recently published an article detailing five different types of complaints and how to handle them. Furthermore, you can not only just handle these complaints but you can use the unique feedback from each of them to shape your future marketing messages:

  • First Time Complaints – These come from a customer who has only had smooth sailing with your services so far. First impressions last and can have long term effects if you’re hoping to extend business-relationships with all your customers.
  • Serial Complainer – While it says that you can’t please them all, the existence of their constant complaints can serve as constant reminders of what needs to be fixed, what needs to be improved, and ultimately, what you can market to new prospects who have had similar complaints.
  • Best-Customer Complaint – The article doesn’t joke about how complaints from your most loyal customers take top priority! If they’re a steady source of sales, then you need to maintain your relationship with them.
  • Multi-Media Complaint – Different forms of media require different channels but guess what? This complaint can actually do a lot of the research work for you! You now have physical evidence to help you address the problem as well as more stock for marketing content!
  • Scandal Complainer – Be warned, scandals abound in the commercial cleaning industry. Even if it’s just crying wolf, be as transparent as possible. It shows how far you’re willing to establish a trusting business relationship.

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