Pursue Only Qualified Leads For Stable Business Relationships

In commercial cleaning, the relationships between your janitorial services and your client companies can be pretty simple. They get people to help maintain the cleanliness of their offices, schools, malls etc. Your business in turn gets paid for it and allows you to maintain control over the people you send.

However, these relationships can get complicated if you don’t familiarize yourself with the needs of your client. Where would you be sending your people? How much is there budget? You in turn need to give them information that they may need to know. For instance, the might want to know the wages of your workers. What conditions have they normally worked under? Do you have any particular specialization? Are there objects or locations that need a special sort of maintenance?

Failure to ask these questions and get the answers before closing the deal might result in a very shaky partnership. Your people might end up having to clean things they haven’t been trained for. Your client may not actually have a budget. They may have specific reasons why they want only janitors who are being paid at a certain amount.

What you see here is a classic problem that results for poor B2B lead generation. More specifically, it’s a problem that arises from not qualifying your leads. Methods are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a lead qualification process. Not only do you need some information to work with, you need analysts to constantly check if there’s anything either of you need to know beforehand.

Of course, such costs can come at a high price. However, do recall what a qualified lead really is. It’s just simply information that gives you a guarantee that the lead is the type of client that you’re looking for. Now when all you want is that information, then simply seek outsource yourself.

Even janitorial companies can seek out lead generation services and have the benefits of a refined qualification process without the heavy costs of investing training, hiring, and equipment. Remember, no relationship works out well if the two parties aren’t that familiar with each other. The same applies even to business relationships. If you want to maximize the chances of success in such a relationship then you need to look out for the common pitfalls. You need to make sure your targets have the budget. You need to know their expectations. You need to know if there’s anything unique about the establishment, company, or even school that you would want to tell your workers beforehand.

All of this depends on the quality of information you get from your leads. In fact, you can even think of an outsourced lead generator as a sort of matchmaker. You simply set out the specifications and they’ll see if there are any companies that match. The important thing to keep in mind though is you either come prepared to work for them or at least possess a more refined understanding of what kind of service you provide. Start qualifying your leads a little more so as to prevent a rocky business relationship.

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