Be Thorough When Qualifying Office Cleaning Leads

The more thorough you’re cleaning something, the better its quality is presented. This is a simple rule of thumb in the janitorial industry but it can also apply when you’re looking for B2B leads for your janitorial service. Of course you may already know the importance of qualification. It helps you learn more about client, what to expect, can you meet their expectations in turn, and what kind of cleaners to send.

However, another reason why thoroughness is important is that it will help you really dig deep in areas that companies take for granted. In this case, the state of cleanliness of their office buildings and other similar business establishments.

Going back to the first point, the more thorough you clean something, the higher you present its quality. Unfortunately, that’s a fact that’s often neglected by many business owners. This isn’t to say that they’re sloppy but given the way janitorial companies are taken for granted, they don’t seem to think too much about it. They just want janitors.

The same negligence though can occur when you’re trying to generate qualified leads. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve decided to go as far as getting lists and cold calling your prospects. If you don’t know how to thoroughly make sure that they are not interested or are not avoiding any serious thought about bettering the cleanliness of their offices, then you could be missing a lot of sales opportunities.

Then again, perhaps nobody should blame. For all anyone knows, you could be sole person doing the calling for your company. You’re not a telemarketing expert but you still try because you find it the fastest way to get a response. Now while that’s undeniable, perhaps it’d better to leave the telemarketing to an expert? If there’s anything an expert has that you can’t really buy for yourself, its experience. Their skills and familiarity with the practice is likely to be higher than yours.

Now at this point, you might start worrying about the costs of getting a professional (or worse, you may need more than one to catch up with competitors). It’s not just the prospect of recruiting these people and paying them. You still have equipment to worry about. Surely a small janitorial company can’t really afford to invest in all that?

Well nobody ever said you have to. All you need to do to is outsource a company that already has professionals and are willing to use them for your lead generation advantage. Some of them even offer to let you monitor the entire process and check up on the status of those who are in the process of qualification.

You could have already missed plenty of opportunities to really learn everything about your target because you committed a lot of common mistakes (e.g. giving up too soon, sounding too eager, talking to the wrong person etc). Neither though, do you have to invest so much just to get that information. All you need to do is have someone thoroughly check your prospects out so that your leads will present themselves with maximum quality.

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