Rushing Potential Sales Leads Can Potentially Kill Them

It’s never a good idea to rush somebody. It’s an even worst idea when that somebody is someone high up on a company’s hierarchy. The worse however is rushing that person to give you a sale. That is definitely the ultimate killer of client interest.

Nobody likes a pushy salesperson. Even if your business is something as simple as a janitorial company, you’re still a B2B firm and you have certain standards to live up to. In this case, a standard to keep in mind is consideration. You are considerate of the time that a potential client is giving you and you do not want to ruin the impression by wasting it. It’s also a good way to show how you’re already willing to be of service to them.

Stepping back though, you may have wondered why even an offer like yours might need some time to think it over. Janitorial services don’t sound like the top most priority for a lot of people so do they really need to think about it?

Well if you have any faith in your services versus the ones they currently have, you might actually say yes. Some people who underestimate the importance of a well-maintained working environment also underestimate themselves in terms of that. As such, there’s a good chance that they’ll know a lot less of what makes a clean office than you do!

That’s what your B2B lead generation strategy can accomplish. At the very least, you’ve given the person you’re contacting something to think about. You don’t have to be pushy. You have to be informative. And by informative, this does not mean you bombard your prospect with too many details. In fact, look to professional telemarketers for examples: when it comes to leads, they make it simple, short, and to the point.

If it comes to it, why not throw in a bit of appointment setting as well? That way your potential client will have all the time to think about it and you’ll have all the time in the meeting to show them the things that your janitorial company can do better and at a far convenient cost.

People assume that just because you need to generate leads fast because of competitors, rushing a prospect is justified. That’s like firing many shots in the hopes that they will hit the target. Sure you might land a few but how many bullets did you think you had to waste? Wouldn’t it more efficient (and less expensive) I you decided to patiently take aim?

Remember, whether you use telemarketing, online marketing, or even going about visiting other companies yourself, these people will not know you. You need to give them time to learn about you and think about you as an alternative option. Rushing a decision generally doesn’t pan well for anybody because it was acted up too little information. A well informed decision will always be better for business then simply acquiring or rejecting upon impulse. Don’t rush your leads!

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