Checklist for Email Marketing Content

It cannot be denied that Email Marketing has its great challenge for B2B marketing research. In this post, we will be citing some evidence presented in the research of E. Fariborzi and M. Zahedifard from the International Journal of e-Education, e-Business, e-Management and e-Learning, Vol. 2, No. 3, June 2012 in some the tactics in checking the email content of any B2B marketers should implement.  Checklist for Email Marketing Content

E-mail content is monitored for incorrect or non-standard code spammy content by spam filters. There are some ways for checking E-mail template before distribution.

  1. It is good practice to screen the cods through HTML validator or spam content checker or Campaign Monitor.
  2. It is suggested that display your E-mail in different browsers, such as, Google chrome, Firefox and so on.
  3. It is suggested that create a dummy account in yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail. So you are the first one that can monitor how your E-mail loads.
  4. If there are some problems in rendering E-mails, you should find the way in which you create your E-mails. For example, do not use assistance of a design program such as Dreamweaver because they may add some “dirty” html codes to your E-mails. Create your E-mail by hand without the helping from such programs.
  5. Do not use Java script and Visual Basic or other Script languages in your E-mails.
  6. 50 percent of your audience turns off having images by default. So it is suggested that do not design your E-mails based on images.
  7. Subject line. The subject line is very important factor to open an E-mail sending by your organization to a customer.

Checking your email template content is very important because it becomes the frontier of your brand message. It can make or break the wall between your prospects. Email marketing is a breakthrough on the digital marketing that can be used by any marketer whether B2C or B2B marketing target.

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