How do you get leads when you’re in cleaning business?

Maid services are a hit in any country, hiring maids to clean your apartment or your house, who wouldn’t grab the opportunity in that. You don’t have to clean by yourself, but with this you’ll be spending money for that service twice or thrice a month. Given that you don’t mess your apartment every day. Well, that’s one way to getting many leads, by maid service. But our topic isn’t in B2C but in B2B sales.

How do we get LEADS?

Of course, before you’re starting out, you need what we call LEADS. This leads are a prospective Consumer which is looking toward the future, for their business and yours. So this is how b2b sales start.

But before that, let’s ask this simple question that most of us are thinking “How can we get a leads when we’re just starting out?”

This is a simple question with a simple answer, what is the most used marketing strategy that people are so annoyed at? That’s right, Telemarketing.

With this, we can gather leads as much as we can. Or better yet, promote our own business just through speaking with random people. You may hire a Telemarketing company but if you’re just beginning you can do this all by yourself. All you need to do is finding as much leads as possible and maybe you may find yourself a prospect that is looking for a business like yours.

Ways to Attract Leads

You may notice that i bolded the word annoyed, why is this? Because this is how people will react if you called a random person through their phone. Of course when they don’t know the number, they will say that it is a telemarketer. And there’s where you lost. You can’t just call one number at a time. You need to call as many as 150 numbers just so you can attract leads.

There are ways to attract leads, and this is through what I call a calm interaction. With this, you must not show that you’re making a sale but rather making a friend. People with this kind of interaction skill often time get a sale through their soft and calm voice.

You can use different kind of marketing strategy, which include E-mail spamming and Social Media.

But here will I be stopping, I’ll be posting on tips on what to avoid when using telemarketing as a mean of your strategy

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