How Not To Become a Lead Generation Hitman

lead generation, business to business leads, sales lead generationA hitman is what we can describe as a contracted killer. So to speak, they are professional assassins that specialize in eliminating designated targets who they are paid to handle. One such well-known assassin, in the fictional world at least, is named Agent 47 and is the best there is. Well, being known as such does not exactly make you the most celebrated person in the world. In fact, if a business had the same reputation that a hitman had, it would not thrive at all. So do you want to find out how you don’t start looking like a lead generation hitman?

In the olden days, assassins were known for employing poisons, deceptive tactics and even direct assaults in order to bring down their targets. Today, the same tactics are still used by those who would not be named and known, maybe minus the direct assaults. What we will learn from today’s post is about a few tactics popularized by hitmen just like Agent 47, tactics and mentalities which if used by a company may just get them tossed down a sewer pipe!

So just what are these tactics and mentalities we should avoid in order to keep our lead generation campaigns growing strong? Well here they are.

Don’t make it look like an accident.

Hitmen are know for their skills in being able to make their hits look like an accident. They could lace a drink with poison and yet people would think the cause of death was that the man got hit by a car or just fell of a building because he got drunk. But in truth, he may have already been dead in the course of the accident, the events merely removing the suspicion of the use of the poison in the killing.

But we are not going to delve into murder here due to ethical and legal reasons. Rather, we will liken to how assassins make their kills look like accidents to you handle problems. When a problem arises, how do you handle it? Do you have a client that is experiencing difficulties? If you do, then you must take it upon yourself and assume responsibility for handing the problem.

Assassins evade the “problems” they cause so as to get some heat off of them, however as a business you should be willing to accept what comes. If it’s a problem you know you are at fault for causing then claim responsibility for it. A responsible company is one that is able and is willing to handle situations and problems.

This will affect your overall reputation and will increase your chances of generating business to business leads. After all, how you look to prospects and your reputation still matters in marketing and attracting future clients.

It’s not always about the money.

Why do people turn to a life of crime? Well, one answer is because of the money that can be gained from it. Hitmen often become who they are because they are in dire need of money to solve a particular life problem they have. No matter how righteous these reasons may be though, taking a life is still immoral and very much a crime that should not go unabated.

In doing lead generation, marketers still believe that it is all about the money. Truth be told, it is. However, marketing is not about making money; it’s about generating leads. Why? Because that is what marketers specialize in doing. Closing leads and getting the deals is up to sales, not marketers.

So in performing sales lead generation, remember that it is never all about the money. A company, although needing money to function, exists to provide a product or a service to its target market. Although profit is what drives some business owners to succeed, others are just content with being able to provide a sort of public service. As such, keep in mind that lead generation is not always about the money.

Hitmen try to make their assassinations look like accidents and value money above all else. You as a business must not act in the same way in going about what you do if you want to succeed.

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