Outsource A Telemarketing Company To Gather Data

Sales LeadsThe recent U.S. Supreme Court decision to uphold Obama’s healthcare reform was met with the much expected unease and uncertainty among the business community. Obviously, this has to do with the mandate that declares all businesses must provide health insurance to employees or be penalized with fines.

Whether you’re for or against this decision, one thing is certain: it will foreshadow further scrutiny regarding the treatment of employees. Unfortunately, the janitorial services industry are just one of the industries who suffer stigmatization on that matter. Even if you insist on reputable services, you will have a lot of prospects to convince. And even among your own current clients, you might find that a lot more are keeping an eye on how you comply with state regulations and labor laws.

Situations like this have happened before however. Significant political decisions like the one above are controversial because of the impact that they imply. This impact affects the way businesses will run. It affects the overall behavior of a market. To remain steady despite this impact, you need to be quick with doing your research on its effects. The timing must also be precise.

In this case, now would be a good time to gather data on how this recent decision would affect the way potential clients will view businesses like yours handle the janitorial personnel you’re providing. A good strategy would be a phone survey. The advantages of a phone survey is that it’s more likely to be received. This is because it’s not intending to promote any product or service. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, customers are always more open to someone who just wishes to hear their opinion and less to a salesman. It will also allow current clients a chance to speak up and voice their concerns.

Although, these surveys might require services and personnel that are too costly to build up and maintain in-house.

Fortunately for you, all you really need at the moment is data, data that will help you get a grasp of what your current clients and the rest of your market are expecting from you in light of these recent events. Your outsourced telemarketer should come back to you with the following results (if not, they should at least give you the data to help reach a particular conclusion):

  • Common Objections – Like all marketing research efforts, you need to identify common objections so you can make the necessary changes to your business. This ranges from how you present yourself to how you’re addressing complaints.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – These might apply more if you’re looking for fresh janitorial leads. Like common objections, identifying these questions will point to a common concern. More specifically, these are concerns tied with the recent events.

It doesn’t actually matter in the long run whether this information was gathered through an outsourced telemarketer or through your own company’s efforts. It’s just simply the low-cost alternative during times when you really need the data. Outsource a telemarketing firm so you can start your phone survey as soon as possible. You shouldn’t underestimate the effects that these political decisions will have on your market.

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